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Gardening and Lunch

Gardening and Lunch

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We pulled literally a truck load of sow thistles, bindweed, Wild lettuce, and an assortment of other plant life that just didn't belong where it was growing from the gardens. It is amazing how much space those pretties take up even after sitting in the sun for several days.

I discovered that I had a single Teasel plant growing in my garden. It was very close to the house and in full shade. Sure, he was happy there, but it seemed to me that I need to move him. So, he's in the front corner now. I'm hoping that he'll recover from the shock of moving amidst this hot, dry weather and will take nicely in that area. I scattered a handful of Mullein seeds about there as well. I'm excited to see what grows.

A friend is stopping by for a light lunch today. This morning, I picked a goodly handful of Basil and Spearmint for a spicy Tomato salad that I will pair with some curried tuna and puffy breads. That served with a glass of chilled wine and followed by a dish of ice cream ought to be delightful. I do so love having friends over for lunch during the week. It gives me an excuse to cook something light, elegant, and sensuous. Hmmm. I think I still have a little bit of that Mango chutney left, too. That would be so very nice to share.
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