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Today is a day for a deep, deep breath.

Today is a day for a deep, deep breath.

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My father-in-law and his son have set out for Minnesota with all of their belongings; they plan to settle there at least for now. It was hard to see them go.

Today, I made my first pitcher of Nettle infusion for the summer. It's been several months since I last made the stuff. I wish that I'd kept up with making it, but amidst the move and the guests and the painting I just didn't. I plan to get my family back into eating all-organic, mostly-locally grown foods again. I've truly missed the healthy choices and values we'd had in place before all of the transition and turmoil began.

So, I'm sipping an iced Nettle tea as I take stock of my work. I have a pile of projects on my desk and a list of tasks about a mile-long. Were it not for the Oat infusion I added to my tea, I imagine I'd be feeling mighty overwhelmed by now. Something about that weedy-green flavor just soothes the nerves. Maybe I'll just put my feet up and relax for the rest of the day. I'm quite certain I've earned it!
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