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Gardening and Painting

Gardening and Painting

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My entire front yard is a garden. It's not a huge garden, but it's not too tiny, either. And, there are two huge bushes of catmint. I call them bushes because that's about what they look like right now. I think I'm going to remove one of the giants and plant Lavender there instead. The one that's close to the sidewalk I'll leave. People like to touch the leaves as they pass by. The scent is kind of refreshing in a strange sort of way.

Before I get to dig-in to the gardening work, I am going to paint. This week, I'm starting with my studio. Tomorrow, I'm off to the paint shop to check out the colors and finishes that are available there. On Tuesday, I intend to buy paint and get started with preparing the space. By Wednesday, I'll be painting and by the end of the week my studio will be finished. That's the plan, anyway. If I get the house done as quickly as I desire, I'll still have time to get a few plants in the ground before the heat of summer.
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