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We're In!

We're In!

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Wow, I missed the entire month of April...in terms of Live Journal, that is.

Since my last post, I have had one crazy, busy, stressful time of it. We made an offer on a house; that fell through. We made another offer and that one held. We closed on it in three weeks, which was no small task, and I've spent one day so far in the new house unpacking. I have a way to go yet, but I will have the place squared-away by the end of this week. I need an end to this craziness.

Besides, I have a tray full of Tomato seedlings, 29 Strawberry plants, and a handful of Nettle, Mugwort, and Marshmallow plants who are aching to get into the ground. Although my new home is totally suburban, I have a nice little garden that's all ready for planting. There are four raised beds as well as a goodly sum of berm-style beds that are loosely planted. I intend to go for the Victory garden look -- plants of my choice in every square inch of those beds.
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