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Rosemary Vinegar and House-Hunting

Rosemary Vinegar and House-Hunting

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Yesterday, I made my last batch of Rosemary vinegar from this yard, a half-gallon of Rosemary clippings in white vinegar.

Sadly, I am getting ready to move again. It's been a tough couple of months for us. We've been renting a place that we have come to love. When we moved in, the landlady said that she intended to sell the place and in February she came to us to discuss terms. After a lot of strange and hurtful behavior, the landlady has decided that she is not going to sell the home at all and instead is going to move back in. She handed us a termination of lease notice last Friday; we're being evicted.

So, I collected the last Rosemary clippings that I could reasonably gather from this place. I have marked all of my plants. I've made a half-gallon of Oat infusion and another quart of relaxation tea. And, I'm house-hunting.

I'm excited about what is yet to come, buying a house and having a garden of my own as well as leaving behind the resentment and anger that the landlady has expressed toward us, but I'm also filled with sorrow at leaving the hills here. I have dreamt of living in these hills for the past three years or more. I've had six months here, and I've loved the place as much as if not more than I'd ever expected I would. It is hard to be leaving so soon.
  • I'm so sorry that you are losing your home! That's really sad. I hope you find someplace even MORE wonderful! If you get deparate, you should come live over here in the Boonies of Minnesota. It's beautiful, cheap, and you would have a fellow herbalist around...:-)
    • Thanks! In fact, I just got out of Minnesota...spent most of my life there, in fact...and I've quite quickly realized that I'm really a West Coast Lady. :-) I fully understand why you love it so, though. It is a beautiful state. If you're ever in the Minneapolis area, check out Matthew Wood's teaching schedule. I've heard that his classes are really good. And, be sure to grow lots of Tansy in your garden. It is a good mosquito repellent.

      It has been really sad to be leaving this place. We're making an offer on a beautiful home just off a creek not too far from where we are now living. I'm excited about the new house, but still sad over leaving the hills here. Dream a smooth and comfortable house-purchase and move for me!
  • I'm also looking to meet other Lay Herbalists and other folks who are interested in learning more about and using more Lay Herbal practices in their life

    That's me! I'm adding you to learn from you, and because you seem nice :)
    • Howdy, and Welcome!

      As is kind of obvious from my last posting, I'm amidst the upheaval of moving. So, I'm probably not going to be posting as much as I'd like. Heck, the last few months have been kind of sparse. But, as spring grows to fullness and I get settled, I expect you'll be seeing a lot more from me. :-)
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